goed doel


Goed doel

dare to dream project

Voor elke trip naar Noorwegen donneert Breathe & Connect €1000 aan Dare to Dream Leadership institute for Girls. Dit betekent dat ongeveer 300 à 400 meisjes steun ontvangen en nog dichter bij hun droom staan.

story :

At the Dare to Dream Leadership Institute for Girls, we believe that “If you can dream it, you can do it”. We believe in a world where every girl can achieve anything she sets her mind to. We organise events at which inspirational women share their stories with girls from disadvantaged communities (we call it ‘TED talks for girls”). We host workshops in which girls explore their talents and passions, learn to lead, be assertive and negotiate constructively. We’re also setting up a mentor network to connect women who want to help to girls who seek advice and support in reaching their goals.

Like a woven cloth, Dare to Dream is network of women that supports girls as they step into adulthood. And just like a cloth, it is interweaving individual fibres that makes us strong. Want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you! Together, we are strong.