You are a CEO or company owner and working hard. Very hard. It's not always easy. It is often lonely, demanding and sleep is often compromised. But you are passionate about it and wish to continue for a while. That's why we created 48HoursUnplug.

For 48 hours you literally "retreat" in a silent place, together with up to 10 other smart and ambitious leaders. A place close to nature, far away from everyday life. For 48 hours you focus on three things: unplug, connect, reflect. Deprived from today's stimuli you (re)discover who you are and what is important in your life. By adopting an open and vulnerable attitude, you reconnect with your authentic self. A professional coach will guide you along the way. The program is both rigorous and relaxing and is a nice balance between self enquiry, practical skills and shared experiences. And after 48 hours you are more than ready to give again the best of yourself, with new energy, new ideas, new insights. And most importantly... a higher awareness of the life you want to live and the leader you want to be.

No time? Well, sometimes you need to make an investment. By investing 48 hours in yourself you will develop a clearer vision of the road you want to follow, personally and professionally. This insight will make you less distracted, more effective and above all...more authentic.